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La Doctrine

  • 8 10
  • 2020
  • 44min
La Doctrine
  • Original Title: La Doctrine

Nostalgic, mysterious, enigmatic. This experimental short film navigates between the idyllic days the filmmaker spent in Madrid and other evocative images. All seen from somewhere in Paris.

La Doctrine


La Doctrine. A nostalgic experimental short film in AI

Shown in a wide format that evokes the orientation of the territory, in this experimental documentary filmmaker Basile Mercado launches an eclectic set of images, among which appear those of a past stay in Madrid, his views of Paris from his residence and other miscellaneous ones.

Filmed mainly with an iPhone during five years and ordered with the collaboration of French programmers, the film is a provocation based on the premise of the creation of a sentimental film through Artificial Intelligence.

Basile Mercado
Basile Mercado Director

Production Companies

Piazza Cavour Films

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