La Belle at the Movies

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  • 2016
  • 66min
La Belle at the Movies
  • Original Title: La Belle at the Movies

What is it like in a city where there is not a single cinema for ten million inhabitants? Faces and voices from Kinshasa or "Kin La Belle", in Congo, reflect on this harsh cinematic reality.

La Belle at the Movies

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La Belle at the Movies. The city without cinema

In her cinematic exploration of the reality of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in this important documentary director Cecilia Zoppelletto exposes the precarious cinematographic reality of Africa through an iconic fact: the non-existence of a cinema in his third largest city.

Kinshasa, or "Kin la Belle", is the capital of Congo and home to more than ten million people, though it lacks a cinematographic "temple". Through interviews, poetry and observation, the documentary allows a reflection on this problem to emerge. The mission is to find solutions so that an essential continent can be represented on screen.

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