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Knowing to Learn

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  • 1966
  • Nonemin
Knowing to Learn
  • French

This feature documentary about education explores the mid-century state of learning in the classrooms of North America. New approaches to learning and the emerging technologies that facilitate them are explored, including the new roles of the computer, tape recorder and television. Directed by Quebec cinema giant Claude Jutra (Mon Oncle Antoine), the film was produced with the collaboration of researchers studying all forms of education, from infancy to adulthood.

Knowing to Learn
  • French
Claude Jutra
Claude Jutra Director, Writer...
Werner Nold
Werner Nold Editor
Ron Alexander
Ron Alexander Recording Supervision
Roger Lamoureux
Roger Lamoureux Recording Supervision
Marcel Martin
Marcel Martin Producer
Bernard Bordeleau
Bernard Bordeleau Sound Editor
Bernard Gosselin
Bernard Gosselin Director of photography
Pierre Hébert
Pierre Hébert Animation
Jane Leduc
Jane Leduc Narrator
Claude Jutra
Claude Jutra Narrator

Production Companies

National Film Board of Canada