Karla & Nordahl

  • 9.5 10
  • 2019
  • 19min
Karla & Nordahl
  • Original Title: Karla & Nordahl

In this heartwarming short film, filmmaker Elisabeth Aspelin films the everyday life of her two young children: Karla and her older brother Nordahl, a child with learning difficulties.

Karla & Nordahl


Karla and Nordahl. Every day you learn to be a sibling

Karla is 6 years old and has a big brother named Nordahl. Why does she consider him as both her big and little brother? 

We get an insight into Karla’s world and how she deals with having an elder brother with learning difficulties.

The director followed her own children through a winter showing their everyday life, including both demanding situations and heartfelt love.

Production Companies

Nitteberg Film og TV

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