Judges Under Pressure

  • 9 10
  • 2021
  • 85min
Judges Under Pressure
  • Original Title: Judges Under Pressure

This compelling documentary spotlights Judge Igor Tuleya, vilified as a public adversary for his audacious stand against Poland's encroaching authoritarianism.

Judges Under Pressure

AWARDS: Best Film for Human Rights. Millenium Documentary Film Festival/ Best Film of the IMPACT competition. Inconvenient Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: IDFA/ DOCPOINT/ Budapest International Documentary Film/ One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival/ London Human Rights Watch Film Festival/ CPH:DOX/ Festival filmPOLSKA/ Neisse Film Festival / Week of Justice/ Job Film Days Festival/ Bergen International Film Festival/ HRFT Human Rights Documentary Film Days/ Human Rights Film Festival Berlin/  International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania/ MOVE IT! Film Festival for Human Rights/ Cinema Lumière/ Evropa Film Akt/ Festival L'Europe autour de l'Europe/ Human Right Film Festival/ Censurados Film Festival/ International Human Rights Film Festival [FICDH]/ Auroville Film Festival

Judges Under Pressure - A National crusade to safeguard democracy

Since 2015, Poland has witnessed the systematic dismantling of its democratic framework by the ruling Law and Justice party, jeopardizing the sacred principle of the separation of powers. Judges daring to defend the Constitution face severe repercussions, including dismissal and arrest. At the heart of this struggle is Judge Igor Tuleya, who becomes a symbol of resistance against the erosion of democratic values.

As Tuleya endures the devastating impact of political persecution, the nation erupts into the largest street protests in its history, triggered by a controversial decision from the compromised Constitutional Court. This documentary captures the tense intersection of personal sacrifice and collective uprising, offering an intimate look at Tuleya's steadfast fight for justice and the citizens and legal community rallying in defense of the rule of law.

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