Jovica And His Teeth

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  • 2015
  • 58min
Jovica And His Teeth
  • Original Title: Jovica and his teeth (2015)

Jovica, a young man from Kosovo, among other things, dreams of emigrating and having a girlfriend to start a family. But perhaps to obtain this and more, he needs new teeth...

Jovica And His Teeth

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Clues din Balkani - Festival de film documentar

Jovica And His Teeth. The life of a young man in Kosovo

In order to work in the catering and provide for his large family, Jovica has to repair his teeth, because no one wants to hire a waiter with the teeth like his own.

New teeth, passport, leaving Kosovo enclave, any kind of job, a girlfriend, his own family - that is the life Jovica is dreaming of.

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Talas film

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