Joan Fontcuberta, The Remains of Photography

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  • 2019
  • 77min
Joan Fontcuberta, The Remains of Photography
  • Original Title: Joan Fontcuberta: The Remains of Photography (2019)

This documentary follows the career of Joan Fontcuberta, considered the most important contemporary visual artist in Spain.

Joan Fontcuberta, The Remains of Photography

Joan Fontcuberta, The Remains of Photography

In the last twenty years, technological changes have radically transformed the world of photography. And, accordingly, the photographer's profession . At the top of its popularity, Joan Fontcuberta, possibly the most internationally renowned Spanish visual artist, has had to evolve speeches and strategies to interpret a changing world. And reviewing the creative framework that he himself had designed in the 80's.

We are in the era of post-photography and the advent of the "homo photographicus". Following the thread of Fontcuberta's post-photography theories that poses a certain overcoming of photography for enter the realm of total image the documentary team has accompanied Joan Fontcuberta to the most diverse activities: from the laboratory to inaugurate an exhibition, from the construction of a fake until unveiling it, from a trip to a meeting with journalists, from work in the studio until a prize giving ceremony. 

Carles Prats
Carles Prats Director
Roger Grasas
Roger Grasas Director

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