Ivan's Game

  • 8 10
  • 2019
  • 51min
Ivan's Game
  • Original Title: Ivanova Igra

In the face of life’s toughest challenges, legendary Croatian soccer player Ivan Gudelj tackles adversity both on and off the field, transforming personal defeat into an inspiring model of resilience.

Ivan's Game

Ivan's Game - A fallen soccer star crafts a new way to win


This gripping documentary charts the riveting journey of Ivan Gudelj, from his rapid ascent in the world of soccer to the abrupt halt of his career at its zenith due to a diagnosis of hepatitis B. At a time when his prowess on the field promised a legendary future, fate handed Gudelj a different game plan. This film captures his fight to redefine success, posing poignant questions about recovery and reinvention.


With appearances by soccer greats like Zvonimir Boban and Dejan Savicevic, and insights into the lives of those Gudelj-inspired, including Croatia’s 2018 World Cup stars, the film is a testament to finding new life paths when the old ones are irretrievably blocked. As Gudelj mentors the next generation, his story shifts from a tale of athletic prowess to unyielding spirit and discipline.

Tomislav Zaja
Tomislav Zaja Director

Production Companies

Gral Film


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