It's in the Sky

  • 8.7 10
  • 2014
  • 26min
It's in the Sky
  • Original Title: It's in the Sky

In a time when women seem to be juggling the demands of career, family and beauty standards, a new overall fashion trend arises that emphasizes a cleaner, more practical look in order to counteract their busy lives.

It's in the Sky
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Nederlands Film Festival

It's in the Sky, a self-discovery quest about women in contemporary Fashion

Filmmaker Sarah Domogala looks at the mirror and sees the transformed image of herself. She tells us how the way she dresses has changed, that she no longer wears the usual noticeable outfits with a dot of color and that she now prefers more minimalist and overlapping clothes.

Making an analogy with the beautiful shapes that birds make in the sky with their choreography, Domogala walks out the door of her house in search of the reasons of contemporary women of the Western world to represent their individuality within the trends imposed by today's fashion.

Through interviews that occur either in working environments or between sips of coffee on a street corner in Amsterdam, Paris, London or New York, Domogala looks for the answer to her own change of habit and that of thousands of women who seek to represent with their clothes the transversal energy they evoke as mothers, professionals, lovers and dreamers at the same time.

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