Island of Parrots

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  • 2021
  • 26min
Island of Parrots
  • Original Title: Island of Parrots

Discover Australia's vibrant tapestry of endemic parrots, from radiant lorikeets to majestic cockatoos, in a close-up celebration of their captivating colors and behaviors.

Island of Parrots

Island of Parrots - Endemic, Vibrant, Feathered, Majesty

Australia boasts an impressive 56 species of parrots, with an overwhelming 51 being unique to its shores. Spanning every corner, from lush forests to the expansive Outback, these birds form a colorful tapestry across the Australian landscape. This documentary invites viewers into the vibrant world of these birds, showcasing 28 distinct species. Delight in the radiant hues of lorikeets, parrots, rosellas, and corellas. Marvel at the majestic cockatoos and their intriguing behaviors. Through intimate close-up shots, each bird's personality comes alive, revealing the true essence of Australia's feathered wonders.

Carlo Ferraro
Carlo Ferraro Director

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Ferraro Nature Films

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