• 9 10
  • 2012
  • 78min

Directed and narrated by the mythical filmmaker Jorge Sanjinés, this documentary rescues the story of the anonymous Bolivian indigenous heroes who resisted the colony through majestic reenactments.


AWARDS: Best Documentary. Festival Internacional de Cine Politico

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Rencontres du cinéma sud-américain/ Paraguay Film Festival/ Piriápolis International Film Festival/ FAB Festival Audiovisual/ Festival Latinoamericano de Video y Artes Audiovisuales/ Mar del Plata Film Festival/ Festival Internacional de Cine y Video de los Pueblos Indígenas

Insurgents. The indigenous heroes of Bolivia

The Ancestors of the Bolivian Indians forged Tiwanaku, the oldest culture in the Americas. In the highlands of the country they planted potatoes, which saved Europe from a massive famine.

In the lowlands they discovered Quinine, which fights malaria, which made possible the construction of the Panama Canal. 

Hundreds of thousands of Bolivian Indians who worked themselves to death extracting silver and gold laid the foundation for the development of financial capitalism in the world.

This documentary by the historic Bolivian filmmaker Jorge Sanjinez brings to light the exploits and faces of indigenous heroes who remain anonymous.

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Fundación Grupo Ukamau

Grupo Ukamau

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