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Innocence Unprotected

  • 9.5 10
  • 1968
  • Nonemin
Innocence Unprotected
  • Serbian

Documentary about the famous Serbian athlete and movie enthusiast who made a feature film during the Nazi occupation of Belgrade and had some problems after the liberation because of that.

Innocence Unprotected
  • Serbian
Dušan Makavejev
Dušan Makavejev Director, Writer
Vojislav Kostic
Vojislav Kostic Original Music Composer
Stevan Miskovic
Stevan Miskovic Director of photography
Branko Perak
Branko Perak Director of photography
Bosko Savic
Bosko Savic Producer
Vera Jovanović
Vera Jovanović Wicked Stepmother
Ana Milosavljević
Ana Milosavljević Orphan Nada
Ivan Živković
Ivan Živković Aleksic's Brother

Production Companies

Avala Film