• 9 10
  • 2017
  • 57min
  • Original Title: Inmersión

Jorge's life-affirming quest beneath the waves redefines the essence of adventure, revealing a world where friendship dissolves the concept of disability and every dive is an exploration of existence.


OFFICIAL SELECTION: Hincha! Film Festival/ Sport Film Festival/ LAMPA. International Film Festival of socially oriented short films/ Underwater Film Festival 

Immersion - Disability does not define one's limits

In the aftermath of a devastating accident that left him unable to walk, Jorge turns to the ocean's depths to rediscover life's essence. Embracing the serene yet vibrant realm beneath the waves, he engages in a marine adventure among sharks, where the liberation of the sea overshadows the limitations of his body. Surrounded by friends who echo the sentiment "When there are friends, there is no disability," Jorge's journey becomes an introspective dive into personal resilience, showcasing the profound impact of human connection and the healing power of nature.

Production Companies

Antonio Rosique

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