Ingresso Animali Vivi

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  • 2023
  • 14min
Ingresso Animali Vivi
  • Original Title: Ingresso Animali Vivi

Through a mesmerizing blend of animation and documentary, explore the poignant and provocative questions about the inner lives of animals born behind bars.

Ingresso Animali Vivi
  • Country: Croatia
  • Original Title: Ingresso Animali Vivi

OFFICIAL SELECTION: International Film Festival Rotterdam/ Mediterranean Film Festival Split/ Tabor Film Festival/ Dokufest International Documentary and Short Film Festival/ FeKK Ljubljana Short Film Festival/ MakeDox Creative Documentary Film Festival/ Liburnia Film Festival, Opatija/ Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival/ Arkipel International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival/ Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival/ Un festival c'est trop court/ Intersección Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival/  Les Instants Video/ Mieres Under-60' Film Festival/ Interface Video Art Festival/ London Short Film Festival, London/ DocuMed Mediterranean Documentary Cinema Festival/ Filmfest Dresden/ Experiments in Cinema

Ingresso Animali Vivi - Captive creatures dream of skies and savannahs beyond bars 


This offbeat documentary delves into the hidden depths of the minds of animals raised in captivity, using a unique hybrid of animation, documentary footage, and experimental film techniques. Directed by renowned Croatian multimedia artist Igor Grubić, the film poetically questions the consciousness of captive animals:


Do they yearn for freedom? Do they see themselves as mere products? What awaits them beyond life? This thought-provoking piece challenges viewers to rethink the moral implications of captivity and the unrecognized emotional landscapes of the animal kingdom.

Igor Grubic
Igor Grubic Director

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