• 8.8 10
  • 2018
  • 15min
  • Original Title: Inferno

Surreal, mesmerizing, explosive. In this short documentary, the pyrotechnic rituals of a Mexican village light up the night to honor life and death.


AWARDS: Best Short Documentary. Palm Springs International Film Festival/ Best Short Documentary. ShortsMexico International Film Festival/ Best Short Documentary Finalist. Raindance Film Festival/ International Vision Award. Flickers Rhode Island Film Festival/ Best Short Documentary. Dumbo Film Festival/ Best Cinematography. Atlanta Docufest

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Mecal Pro Barcelona/ Interfilm Berlin/ Nashville International Film Festival/ Aesthetica International Film Festival/ Edmonton International Film Festival/ Guanajuato International Film Festival/ DC Shorts/ Calgary International Film Festival/ Crossing the Line Film Festival/ DOC NYC/ St Louis International Film Festival/ Flickerfest International Film festival

Inferno. Hundreds of bulls burn

Under the night, in the middle of a Mexican town square, hundreds of bulls made of flammable material explode into thousands of sparks of fire that shoot out in all directions.

The black silhouettes of thousands of people dance, jump, kiss, laugh and cry amidst the pyrotechnic chaos. They are the inhabitants of Tultepec during the celebration of the awaited festival of San Juan De Dios.

Through prodigious observation spun with beautiful surreal images, this short film is a brief look at this explosive ritual and the faces of those who participate in it.

Patrick Fileti
Patrick Fileti Director

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Patrick Fileti

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