In The Spirit of Laxmi

  • 7.9 10
  • 2010
  • 30min
In The Spirit of Laxmi
  • Original Title: In the Spirit of Laxmi (2010)

In the region of Rajasthan, India, naturalist Gerhard Weihan takes up the challenge of raising and reinserting a small abandoned leopard called Laxmi into the wild.

In The Spirit of Laxmi
AWARDS: Best Short Documentary. Gold Coast Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Tribeca Film Festival/ Madeira film Festival/ Jackson Hole Wildlife Festival/ Globians Doc Fest/ Traverse City Film Festival/ 

In Spirit of Laxmi, The return of an abandoned leopard cub into the wild

After being found undernourished and disoriented at the Ranthambhore National Park in Rajasthan, India, little Laxmi was fortunate to find the healing hands of Gerhard Weihahn. 

For this naturalist based in India, there was just a tiny chance the leopard cub could survive if she did not receive adequate veterinary attention; so at that moment all the resources were concentrated on saving her life. 

Days later, the survival of Laxmi would allow the beginning of a memorable filial relationship between a small abandoned animal and a man who would come to occupy the role of a guide and protective mother.

Several years after having successfully returned her to freedom in wilderness, Weihahn tells us the details of the time he spent with Laxmi and the process he carried out to prepare her for her reintegration into an adequate and irreplaceable natural environment.

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