In search of a city

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  • 2020
  • 26min
In search of a city
  • Original Title: In search of a city

Explore the heart of urban life through the experiences of construction workers, a homeless duo, and cleaners, revealing the city's profound spiritual and existential dimensions.

In search of a city

AWARDS: Best Documentary. Black Tailed Godwit International Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Pula Film Festival/ Pune Short Film/ Festival Angaelica/ Goa Short Film Festival/ Black Tailed Godwit International Film Festival/ Košice International Film Festival/ City Film Festival/ Prague International Monthly Film Festival/ Alibag Short Film Festival/ Rameshwaram International Film Festival/ The Lift- Off Sessions Festival

In search of a city - Poetic, Archetypal, Urban


This thought-provoking documentary weaves together three distinct narratives—construction workers toiling amidst the city's bones, the poignant existence of a homeless man and woman, and the unseen lives of cleaners—each story offering a window into the soul of the urban landscape. Employing a poetic and philosophical lens, the film delves deep into the spiritual and existential relationships that bind individuals to the city. Through meticulous observation, it captures the everyday rhythms of its characters, unearthing the archetypal essence of creation and life within the urban sprawl. The documentary artfully navigates the city's dual nature: a crucible for genuine human solidarity and community, and a realm of isolation and decay. It portrays the city as both a sanctuary and a battleground for survival, encapsulating the complex dynamics that define urban existence.

Goran Markoš
Goran Markoš Director

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Goran Markoš

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