In Arte Roed Roza

  • 8 10
  • 2020
  • 23min
In Arte Roed Roza
  • Original Title: In Arte Roed Roza

This short film is the endearing portrait of Roed Roza, a South American migrant in Milan, Italy. Stripped of his land and belongings, he only needs his guitar to keep ongoing.

In Arte Roed Roza

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In Arte Roed Roza. A migrant musician in Milan

Roed Roza is the perfect representative of millions of South American migrants who have had to leave their homeland to find a better life elsewhere.

Always carrying his guitar in his arms in every corner of Milan, Roed finds a way to earn money with his talent, music. 

Despite the feeling of uprootedness and the loneliness of exile, Roed always maintains the smile that characterizes him, the smile of hope.

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