Il Siciliano

  • 8 10
  • 2017
  • 81min
Il Siciliano
  • Original Title: The Sicilian (1987)

Descendant of Italian mobster, party man, maker of costumes and shows of all kinds, this documentary also shows another facet of this man, that of an individual trapped in silence and solitude.

Il Siciliano

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Miradoc/ Festival de Cine Chileno/ Festival International de Cine de Quillota

Il Siciliano. The two faces of Sodom

An old Italian immigrant, owner of a wig shop, hosts endless parties animated by a soundtrack of doubles to show that he still remains in force from his heyday in the dictatorship.

The transition between this vertigo and the later loneliness of its protagonist, is the inspiration to portray a two-faced world. A simple story that reveals the real man behind the public party persona.

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