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I, Tintin

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  • 1976
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I, Tintin
  • French

I, Tintin (French: Moi, Tintin ) is a Franco-Belgian film which premiered in the Paris cinema as a feature presentation in 1975.[1][2] Made in semidocumentary style and mixing interviews with The Adventures of Tintin creator Hergé with real historical events and news stories edited together with animated Adventures of Tintin clips, narrated by Belgian news correspondent, Gérard Valet. The film was produced by Belvision Studios and Pierre Films in cooperation with the Franco-Belgian Ministry of Culture (Ministère de la Culture Française de Belgique).

I, Tintin
  • French
Henri Roanne
Henri Roanne Director, Writer
Gérard Valet
Gérard Valet Director, Writer
Tchang Jong-Ren
Tchang Jong-Ren Himself (archive footage)
Bob De Moor
Bob De Moor Himself (archive footage)
Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin Himself (archive footage)
A.P. Duchateau
A.P. Duchateau Himself (archive footage)
Raymond Leblanc
Raymond Leblanc Himself (archive footage)
Michel Serres
Michel Serres Himself (archive footage)
Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong Himself (archive footage)
Tibet Himself (archive footage)
King Albert I
King Albert I Himself (archive footage)
Élisabeth de Bavière
Élisabeth de Bavière Herself (archive footage)
Robert Baden-Powell
Robert Baden-Powell Himself (archive footage)
Tsar Nicholas II
Tsar Nicholas II Himself (archive footage)
Tsarina Alexandra
Tsarina Alexandra Herself (archive footage)
Charles A. Lindbergh
Charles A. Lindbergh Himself (archive footage)
Alain Gerbault
Alain Gerbault Himself (archive footage)

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