I Live At Ground Zero

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  • 2002
  • 25min
I Live At Ground Zero
  • Original Title: I Live AT Ground Zero

Just after 9/11, filmmaker Greta Schiller documents the daily life of Isabela, a witty New York girl growing up amidst a city rising from tragedy.

I Live At Ground Zero

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Culture Unplugged Film Festival/ Florida Children's Film Festival

I Live At Ground Zero. A Girl's journey after 9/11

Since birth Isabella has lived in Tribeca, New York City, in the shadow of the World Trade Center towers. The Twin Towers served as her north star, by which she learned to navigate her neighborhood and recognize the way home. 

Her community - the protected, secure, and innocent world of her childhood - was shattered on September 11th. Over the following months, Jezebel Productions filmed Isabella's attempts to make sense of the enormity of sudden changes in her life, most significantly her loss of innocence. 

The film focuses on her personal journey since that fateful day, starting with her evacuation from home and culminating in the reopening of her neighborhood school in February 2002.

Greta Schiller
Greta Schiller Director

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