Home grown

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  • 2022
  • 14min
Home grown
  • Original Title: Home grown

In a world that has pushed her to the margins, Lisa's solitary existence behind closed doors is disrupted by the unexpected visit of a friend, offering a glimpse of connection beyond her self-imposed isolation.

Home grown

Home Grown - Isolation, Connection, Hope 

This insightful documentary intimately explores the life of Lisa, a woman ostracized by society and driven into the shadows of self-isolation. Facing mistreatment, misjudgment, and misunderstanding, Lisa's world shrinks to the confines of her flat, where she finds solace in the simplicity of routine: cleaning, brewing tea, smoking, and observing life from the detachment of her kitchen window. Her existence, marked by solitude and the unspoken pains of being an outcast, takes a turn when, unexpectedly, a friend reaches out, stepping into her secluded world. This moment promises a glimmer of connection and the potential for understanding, challenging the barriers of isolation that Lisa has been compelled to erect around herself.

Samir Modi
Samir Modi Director

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Samir Modi

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