• 9.0 10
  • 2016
  • 27min
  • Original Title: Home

The film presents the life and work of two sisters Grażyna and Violetta, who run a center for homeless men. The heart and unconventional approach to their children makes them build a real home together.

AWARDS: First Prize. Cheap Cuts Film Festival

Home, a shelter where life triumphs 

Grazyna and Violeta understand very differently the job of caring for those who live in the shelter for elderly homeless men they manage on the small island of Sobieszewo, Poland. 

Given the unstoppable daily tasks, the sisters use humor to lighten a routine full of diapers to replace, medicines to administer and ailments that must be helped to tolerate.

As the winner of the First Prize at the Cheap Cuts Festival of London, Filip Jacobson's short film takes us into a profoundly human reality in which a solidary community causes suffering to weigh the same as the gentle winds of those lands.

Production Companies

Gdynska Szkola Filmowa

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