History Of The Revolution

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  • 2019
  • 29min
History Of The Revolution
  • Original Title: Histoire de la Révolution

With an important use of the subtitle as a form of expression, this experimental short film is a dissertation on the social situation in contemporary France.

History Of The Revolution

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Doc Lisboa/ Dok Leipzig

Histoire de la Révolution. A reflection on contemporary France

France, the country of revolutions. Throughout its history, this country has forged political and social movements that have shaken the world. And recent years have been no different.

The phenomenon unleashed by the yellow vests protests once again threw the French establishment into crisis, amalgamating a massive group of people demanding changes to remedy the loss of rights.

Director Maxime Martinot makes use of a vast and heterogeneous bank of film, video and photographic archives to weave a loose essay on modern France. The use of subtitles is of vital importance to understand the reflective thread.

Production Companies

Don Quichotte Films

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