Hiroshima Colorizing Photos

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  • 2021
  • 6min
Hiroshima Colorizing Photos
  • Original Title: Hiroshima Colorizing Photos

Using AI's transformative power, Anju Niwata revives Hiroshima's haunting past, while the UN Secretary-General’s call at a memorial underscores the urgency to embrace a nuclear-free future.

Hiroshima Colorizing Photos

Hiroshima Colorizing Photos - History, Resilience, Disarmament, Remembrance

In this educational short film made by the UN, Ms. Anju Niwata, a university student from Hiroshima, uses AI to colorize images of the city's atomic bomb survivors, capturing their resilience and hopes for a nuclear-free future. As she reinvigorates these haunting monochrome photos, they serve as a stark contrast to today's grim nuclear reality, highlighted by the UN Secretary-General's concern over a burgeoning arms race and the staggering 13,000 nuclear warheads globally. At a solemn Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park event, he urges introspection on the lessons drawn from the 1945 atomic catastrophe, emphasizing the pressing need for global disarmament and unity.

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