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Hippocrate aux enfers

  • 0 10
  • 2018
  • Nonemin
Hippocrate aux enfers
  • Original Title: Hippocrate aux enfers

Hippocrate aux enfers
  • French
  • Country: France
  • Original Title: Hippocrate aux enfers
Michel Cymes
Michel Cymes Director, Scenario Writer...
Stéphane Bion
Stéphane Bion Camera Operator
Quentin Devilliers
Quentin Devilliers Camera Operator
Eric Blanc
Eric Blanc Camera Operator
Claire Feinstein
Claire Feinstein Scenario Writer
Laurent Herniaux
Laurent Herniaux Sound Mixer
Jules Turbil
Jules Turbil Assistant Editor
Cédric Vatonne
Cédric Vatonne Assistant Editor
Aurore Leroi
Aurore Leroi Assistant Editor
Corinne Perruchon
Corinne Perruchon Production Director
Jérôme Hornberger
Jérôme Hornberger Production Supervisor
Jean-Pascal Bentus
Jean-Pascal Bentus Original Music Composer
Xavier Forcioli
Xavier Forcioli Production Director
Alexandre Tanguy
Alexandre Tanguy Sound Engineer
Nelly Dutreuilh
Nelly Dutreuilh Production Coordinator
Cristelle Poirson
Cristelle Poirson Production Coordinator
Dominique Faure
Dominique Faure Administration

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