High Roller

  • 9 10
  • 2004
  • 52min
High Roller
  • Original Title: Stuey (2003)

The true story of Bowling Legend Bob Perry, who battled, drugs, alcohol, the Mafia, and federal prison to emerge as one of the greatest bowlers that ever lived.

High Roller

High Roller. Bowling, drugs and the mafia

In this documentary, the famous bowler Bob Perry tells us firsthand the ups and downs in his career, from the hard training sessions in his youth, his setbacks with drugs and even his eventual imprisonment.

Interviews with friends and family build a prismatic portrait of Perry, a man who had to pay a high price to become an indisputable winner in his discipline.

Ross Marroso
Ross Marroso Director
Tom Malloy
Tom Malloy Director

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