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  • 2019
  • 10min
  • Original Title: Hermaphrodite

In this video art, multidisciplinary artist Samuel Bester makes a free, experimental and sensually charged interpretation of The Book IV of Metamorphoses by Ovid.


Hermaphrodite. A sensually charged video art

The book IV of Metamorphoses, written by the Roman poet Ovid, tells the story of the transformation of the world and its inhabitants. It includes several myths and legends, many of which involve characters being transformed into animals or other objects.

In his body of work, artist Samuel Bester enhances the relationship between perception, interpretation, and emotion by delving into ambiguity through various techniques such as nuance, distortion, and accident. He uses a metaphorical and poetic language to spark curiosity and create unexpected mental images, with time and memory playing a crucial role in my work. 

Samuel Bester
Samuel Bester Director

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Samuel Bester

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