Henriette Zephir

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  • 2018
  • 18min
Henriette Zephir
  • Original Title: Henriette Zephir (2013)

A documentary about Henriette Zéphir, a french woman who began to paint “pushed” by a spiritual presence she felt by her side.

Henriette Zephir


Henriette Zéphir, The breath of the spirits

Henriette Zéphir, at age 41, began to paint under a supernatural influence, "pushed" by a presence felt by her side. Since then, she has been engaged in "the occult".

Having being discovered in 1965 by Dubuffet, Henriette never agreed to cede her works until her "guides" allow it.

Directors Bastien Genoux and Mario Del Curto make of this film a valuable cinematic portrait about a woman and exceptional artist wrapped in an extraordinary environment.

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