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Helicopter String Quartet

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  • 2005
  • Nonemin
Helicopter String Quartet
  • English, German

One morning, the late Karlheinz Stockhausen awoke from a dream that told him to take to the sky. Stockhausen envisioned four helicopters swirling in the clouds, with each of a quartet’s members tucked inside his own chopper, communicating through headsets, stringing away in sync to the rotor-blade motors. He immediately set forth to make that dream a reality. In 1995, Dutch film director Scheffer followed Stockhausen in the days leading up to the premiere performance of his Helicopter String Quartet in Amsterdam. The resulting film offers a rare glimpse of Stockhausen as he patiently dictates every agonizingly detailed measure to the Arditti Quartet.

Helicopter String Quartet
  • English, German
Frank Scheffer
Frank Scheffer Director, Producer
Herman Verschuur
Herman Verschuur Camera Technician
Harold Jalving
Harold Jalving Sound Designer