Heidi en Chine

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 82min
Heidi en Chine
  • Original Title: Heidi en Chine

This gripping documentary is a poignant odyssey that unfolds as a French woman traverses continents and decades to reconnect with her father’s past and the family he left behind in China.

Heidi en Chine

Heidi en Chine - A daughter’s journey across continents to uncover the hidden threads of her father's past


This gripping documentary weaves a compelling narrative of a French woman’s quest to bridge the chasms of history and geography. Stranded in Switzerland during WWII, she once sought her estranged father who had made a new life in China.


Now, forty-five years later, she returns, driven by a desire to unearth the stories of his other family and their shared historical traumas. This deeply personal documentary traverses emotional landscapes and cultural divides, exploring themes of identity, reconciliation, and the enduring impacts of wartime dislocations on individual lives and familial bonds.

François Yang
François Yang Director

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Box Productions

Gloria Films

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