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  • 2017
  • 34min
  • Original Title: Frei im Kopf

Due to an autoimmune disease, Julika has lived without hair since the age of 9. Now, at 25, we experience with her what it's like to be labeled by how you look.


Headroom. When everyone talks about my head

Julika is special: Due to an autoimmune disease, all her hair fell out at the age of 9.
Julika is always conscious of her looks. Today, at the age of 25, she no longer wants to hide and shows herself as she is: without a wig, with a bald head. A process of self-discovery that is still not quite over for Julika.

Julika lives in Berlin, studies, makes music, shares a flat with friends, moves around the houses at night and immerses herself in the Berlin club scene. So it's the normal life of a young adult, and she doesn't want to have to keep explaining that she doesn't have cancer. 

She also doesn't want to be told that she's beautiful "even though she has no hair" or that she's brave "to go out on the street like that". Above all, she wants to get to a point where she actually doesn't care what she looks like.

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Stefanie Brockhaus

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