Heading East

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  • 2019
  • 82min
Heading East
  • Original Title: Head East (1971)

For the first time, a forest route stretching from Germany to Romania is the scenery of a bikepacking race. This documentary follows a group of cyclists during this exciting adventure.

Heading East

Heading East. Crossing the European forests by bike

"The strain is    not just physical, but    rather    psychological".

Jochem, Carolin and Dennis have accepted the Transost challenge. They will take part in     the first self-supported bikepacking race from Bayreuth in Germany to the Black Sea in Romania.

It is the first time, that this route is officially being travelled by     bike in one go. It is a journey across 2.900km and 56.000m difference in altitude – “without knowing, what it is, that you will encounter“.

The challenge is far from a relaxing ride along the river Donau. The journey by gravel- and mountain-bikes takes our protagonists across more than 27 mountaineous regions in Eastern Europe.

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