Happiness... Promised Land

  • 10 10
  • 2011
  • 94min
Happiness... Promised Land
  • Original Title: Le bonheur... Terre promise

This film follows filmmaker Laurent Hasse as he embarks on a journey from the French Pyrenees to the coast of northern France in search of an honest meaning of the word "Happiness".

Happiness... Promised Land

Happiness... Promised Land. An adventure through the Pyrenees

Along the way, Hasse engages in unplanned and openhearted conversations with the people he meets, asking them for their definitions of happiness. 

The film is a reflection on the nature of happiness and how it is perceived and pursued by different people. It explores the ways in which people find meaning and fulfillment in their lives, and the various paths they take to achieve happiness.

Laurent Hasse
Laurent Hasse Director

Production Companies

Sombrero & Company

La Bascule

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