• 9.5 10
  • 2016
  • 5min
  • Original Title: Cast a Dark Shadow (1955)

Bold and concise, this animation illustrates the bizarre yet ordinary day at an elementary school in Israel.


AWARDS: Best animated film. Jerusalem Film Festival/ Winner - Student jury award. Stoptrik

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Dok Leipzig/ Animasivo/ Melbourne International Animation Festival/ Puppet is a human too/ Craft/ Future Film Festival/ Exposure Film Festival/ Backup Film Festival/ Noise Floor Film Festival/ Asif Film Festival/ El Ventilador Film Festival/ Monstra Film Festival/ Melbourne International Animation Festival

Hadarim. An animated elementary school in Israel

Hadarim is a short experimental, documentary, animation which depicts, through the eyes of a seven years old pupil, the weird and grotesque routine of the elementary school in Israel.

Shlomi Yosef
Shlomi Yosef Director

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Shlomi Yosef

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