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  • 9.5 10
  • 2013
  • Nonemin
  • Original Title: GuideDoc

Curated Docs. Discover and watch the world’s best hand-picked and award-winning docs from around the globe. New must-see documentaries each week! We show films with the capacity of turning anyone into a lover of the genre. Documentaries featuring shine light on hot topics or telling little but compelling stories, festival trotters or hidden gems, we have them all!

At GuideDoc we are a team of documentary lovers that take very seriously the selection process of our films in order to amaze our spectators, avid consumers of the genre and with no time to waste. Our only rule is to have ground-breaking documentaries made by professionals storytellers.

Víctor Correal
Víctor Correal Founder & CEO
Josep Maria Brunetti
Josep Maria Brunetti Web Architect & Developer
Jordi Manuel
Jordi Manuel UI Design
Roger Serra
Roger Serra Apps Project Manager
Jordi Rico
Jordi Rico App and web developer
Amy Smith
Amy Smith Project Coordinator
Elías Martínez
Elías Martínez Translator
Blanca Brugera
Blanca Brugera Logo Designer
White Supporter
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