• 9.7 10
  • 2022
  • 19min
  • Original Title: Güelo

A heartwarming glimpse into the serene life of an elderly man in a Spanish mountain village, echoing the timeless rhythms of nature and memory.


Güelo - Heartwarming, Reflective, Timeless


In the quaint Mediterranean mountain village of Penàguila, the documentary poignantly captures the serene life of 92-year-old Antonio, who embodies the essence of aging gracefully. Living alone, Antonio spends his days basking in the pleasant weather on his patio, engaging in light tasks, and imparting wisdom to the younger generation. His presence is a living testament to the village's history, surrounded by landmarks of his past such as the family restaurant and the fields he once harvested. The film tenderly portrays the slow rhythm of Antonio's life in a place he has always called home, but as the narrative unfolds, the onset of winter brings an inevitable change, symbolizing the cycle of life and the transient nature of time. This documentary is a reflective and intimate exploration of old age, community, and the enduring connection to one's roots.

Production Companies

Shoji Films

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