GRRRL: Beauty is the Beast

  • 9 10
  • 2018
  • 47min
GRRRL: Beauty is the Beast
  • Original Title: GRRRL: Beauty is the Beast

Ten women share their powerful stories of overcoming trauma and reclaiming their lives from the harsh standards of female beauty imposed by society.

GRRRL: Beauty is the Beast

GRRRL: Beauty is the Beast - Resilience, Body Image

This compelling documentary profiles the resilience and strength of ten women who have confronted and overcome mental and physical traumas stemming from societal pressures and standards regarding the female body. Each woman shares her unique, inspiring journey, revealing the deep impact of contemporary beauty norms on women's health and self-esteem. Through their stories, the film not only sheds light on the pervasive challenges women face but also celebrates their remarkable journeys towards self-acceptance and empowerment in the face of daunting societal expectations.

Production Companies

360 Films (II)

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