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Gringo Favelado

  • 8 10
  • 2016
  • 55min
Gringo Favelado
  • Original Title: Gringo Favelado

An Artist, a Musician, and a Dreamer leave their comfortable life in Great Britain to create a home in the picturesque favelas of Rio de Janeiro to blow negative pre-conceptions about these communities.

Gringo Favelado

Gringo Favelado. Three Brits in the favelas of Brazil

Three eloquent British men have moved to Rio's notorious favela communities where they build their lives in perilously-shifting political sands.

This documentary follows them to blow past stereotypes of Rio & her notorious favelas, immersing us in the magic & mystery of these misunderstood communities. 

Filmed during two rocky years leading up to the 2016 Olympics, we get a rare view of Rio through the eyes of three brave expats who call the favelas home.

Production Companies

Ostia! Media Ltd.

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