• 8 10
  • 2019
  • 23min
  • Original Title: Grandmother

Grandma has died but left a diary. The last time she wrote, it was the day before her death. How much can we learn about her in just 23 minutes of film?


AWARDS: Jury Special Mention. Revija studentskog filma

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Croatian Film Days/ Betina Film Festival/ Liburnia Film Festival 


Grandmother. My life in a diary

After Grandmother's death, two relatives enter her apartment and search through the objects she left behind. Among them, the diary in which she reliably wrote everything she did every day.

As we observe the space she once inhabited and the objects she used, a familiar voice reads the diary entries, and we discover a simple, everyday life, a powerful presence that has ceased but leaves its mark.

Borna Zidarić
Borna Zidarić Director

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University of Zagreb

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