Golos: Ukrainian Voices

  • 8.8 10
  • 2015
  • 70min
Golos: Ukrainian Voices
  • Original Title: Golos: Ukrainian Voices

Golos is a collection of stories told by, and about the people of Ukraine; exploring from a unique perspective the nature of human identity and the region’s history. The Maidan revolution, where the narrative starts, creates the backdrop as we visit four cities and listen to their inhabitants; old, young, and from different educational, ethnic and economic backgrounds.

Golos: Ukrainian Voices
AWARDS: Winner. London Independent Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Art Doc Fest/ Ischia Film Festival/ Cineast Film Festival/ International Festival of the Red Cross and Health Films

Golos, the voices of Ukraine 

This documentary presents an educative look at one of the most controversial countries of contemporary times. Ukraine has long been the hinge between the Russian culture and the Western European influence zone, and this strategic position has earned it memorable affectations.

The aim of directors Fedor Levchenko and Dolya Gavanski, being the later the narrator of the film, is to tell the fascinating modern history of the Ukrainian people, from pre-Soviet times, going through the socialist past and focusing on the ambivalent present, where the country sculpts its independence in the middle of the two great political poles that surround it.

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Thea Films

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