Going Back Home

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  • 2015
  • 17min
Going Back Home
  • Original Title: Going Back Home (2015)

This short film is an endearing portrait of Peter Nhiany, who was forced to flee Sudan during a bloody civil war and now lives in the U.S. hoping to see his family again.

Going Back Home


Going Back Home. The lost Boy of Sudan 

Peter Nhiany is a 34-year old graduate student living in Manchester, NH. 

In addition to school, Peter juggles three full-time jobs as a youth counselor at a detention center, in-home caregiver, and Vice-Chair and Co-founder of the nonprofit, Life for Sudan. 

Every cent he makes is sent to his wife, two daughters, and extended family in Sudan where he also fully sponsors a youth soccer program. Peter is one of the 20,000 children known as “Lost Boys of Sudan," all of whom were forced to flee their homes during a bloody civil war that took the lives of 2.5 million people and displaced millions more. 

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