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Go Fast Go North

  • 7.7 10
  • 2017
  • 99min

Experience the famous Race2Alaska aboard the sailing boat of the Hot Mess team as they embark on a dizzying journey from the British Columbia Coast to Alaska.

"Go Fast Go North" An exciting boat race to Alaska

The rules of the Race2Alaska are simple: No motors, no outside help or support, first boat over the line wins.

Director Spencer Weber take us in the boat of the mariners of the Hot Mess Team to make us live the thrill of sailing an ancestral route using only the human energy to do it.

The film is an entertaining account of the life at sea in contemporary times aboard "the old girl", as the sailors often call their sailing boat, which dates back to 1979 and was an aerodynamic jewel in the 80’s.

Go Fast Go North highlights the value of teamwork, the importance of tradition and sport as a healthy way to connect with nature.

Spencer Weber
Spencer Weber Director

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