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Ghost Hunting

  • 0 10
  • 2017
  • Nonemin
Ghost Hunting
  • English, Arabic

A set-up for an experiment in an empty room. Former inmates reconstruct an Israeli secret service interrogation centre. These Palestinian men use role play to come to terms with their memories and the humiliation they have experienced.

Ghost Hunting
  • English, Arabic
Raed Andoni
Raed Andoni Director, Writer...
Camille Cottagnoud
Camille Cottagnoud Director of Photography
Nicolas Becker
Nicolas Becker Sound Designer
Dominique Treibert
Dominique Treibert Production Design
Wadee Hanani
Wadee Hanani Assistant Director
Bassem Jerbawi
Bassem Jerbawi Production Manager
Nicolas Wadimoff
Nicolas Wadimoff Co-Producer
Philippe Coeytaux
Philippe Coeytaux Co-Producer
Abdallah Moubarak
Abdallah Moubarak The blacksmith
Anbar Ghannan
Anbar Ghannan The groom and poet
Raed Khattab
Raed Khattab The cheerful prisoner
Monther Jawabreh
Monther Jawabreh The visual artist
Ramzi Maqdisi
Ramzi Maqdisi Abu Atta
Raed Andoni
Raed Andoni The director
Atef Al-Akhras
Atef Al-Akhras The set dresser
Wadee Hanani
Wadee Hanani The assistant director
Adnan Al-Hatab
Adnan Al-Hatab The "father" and set builder

Production Companies

Akka Films

Dar Films