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Gayby Baby

  • 6.6 10
  • 2015
  • 85min
Gayby Baby
  • Original Title: Gayby Baby

What is the experience of children growing up in same-sex families? This documentary offers a children's point of view about the process of learning to see the world raised by gay parents.

Gayby Baby

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Sydney Film Festival/ Melbourne International Film Festival/ London Film Festival/ Hot Docs Canada

Gayby Baby. Growing up in same-sex families

Last year saw the largest number of kids being born into gay families in human history. It was also a year which saw the world furiously debate whether gay couples can raise well-adjusted children, and whether they should be allowed to marry. 

Told from a child’s-eye view, GAYBY BABY is a revealing, intimate and at times humorous portrait of four kids coming of age in this paradigm, all raised in same-sex families. It’s the story of a new generation of kids who are queer by nurture and by birthright.

Maya Newell
Maya Newell Director

Production Companies

Gayby Baby Productions Pty Ltd

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