8.3 10
2002 180min

Gambling, Gods and LSD

  • English, German
  • English

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Peter Mettler blends documentary observation with lyrical camerawork, location sound with aural sculpture. The result is an audio-visual composition whose movements challenge our preconceptions, evoking in us the wonder and awe of our daily existence. It is a mosaic of moments where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. Gambling, Gods and LSD invites the viewer to actively participate in the making of meaning, so that the central theme of the film and the experience of watching it become one and the same. A visionary, intuitive journey. A lucid and personal portrait of our times.

Gambling, Gods and LSD, the journey to what we can not see

"I'm afraid I sin, Peter," says a drug addict, a friend of the author, as they both walk down a lonely street in the middle of the night. It is one of the first scenes of the film directed by Peter Mettler, which will only be a first stop in this cinematic journey to explore what the Swiss director calls the "static states".

In this way, the walk of this “sinful” drug addict in his permanent search for an idealized sense of escapism is connected with the images of the people attending an evangelical church amid their almost catatonic exaltation. The journey continues to the laboratory where an erotic electro-stimulation system is being tested. There, we hear from a scientist that the orgasmic states have much influence in the way we carry on with our lives.

In this film-essay, Mettler travels and films on four continents - from Las Vegas, in the United States, to Kerala, in India - sometimes with a beautiful imperfection, others with delicate sobriety, men and women at the mercy of their geographic and psychological atmospheres. The film manages to answer the author's own question on the screen: How to show what I cannot see?


Peter Mettler