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Frozen Angels

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  • 2005
  • Nonemin
Frozen Angels
  • German

A scientific and social exploration of the future of human reproductive technology. In vitro fertilization, sperm banks' potential repercussions and the ethics of genetically engineering babies are among the issues examined.

Frozen Angels
  • German
Burkhard Althoff
Burkhard Althoff Line Producer
Erkki Astala
Erkki Astala Line Producer
Eric Black
Eric Black Director of photography, Producer...
Yves Jeanneau
Yves Jeanneau Line Producer
Frauke Sandig
Frauke Sandig Producer
Brigit Mulders
Brigit Mulders Production Manager
Martin Grube
Martin Grube Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Erik Mischijew
Erik Mischijew Sound Designer, Dialogue Editor
Matz Müller
Matz Müller Sound Designer
Matthias Behrens
Matthias Behrens Visual Effects Supervisor
Roque Hernandez
Roque Hernandez Camera Technician
Luke Bennett
Luke Bennett Assistant Editor
Max Sharam
Max Sharam Additional Music Supervisor
Nancy Relaford
Nancy Relaford Researcher
Lori B. Andrews
Lori B. Andrews Herself / Lawyer / Author of the Book 'the Clone Age' (as Lori Andrews)
Cappy M. Rothman
Cappy M. Rothman Himself / sperm bank director
Angela Pacheco
Angela Pacheco Herself / Foster child / future adoption worker
Gregory Stock
Gregory Stock Himself / Director UCLA Program on Medicine, Technology and Society
Shelley Smith
Shelley Smith Herself / Agency Director for Egg Donation and Surrogate Parenting
Doron Blake
Doron Blake Himself / Offspring of the 'Nobel Prize Spermbank'
Afton Blake
Afton Blake Herself / Doron's mother
Bill Handel
Bill Handel Himself / Radio Host / Agency Director for Surrogacy and Egg Donation
Kari Ciechoski
Kari Ciechoski Herself / egg donor
Lyne Macklin-Fife
Lyne Macklin-Fife Herself / egg donor program administrator
Kim Brewer
Kim Brewer Herself / surrogate mother
Amy Jurewicz
Amy Jurewicz Herself / expecting parents 1
Steve Jurewicz
Steve Jurewicz Himself / expecting parents 2