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Frontiers of Dreams and Fears

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  • 2001
  • Nonemin
Frontiers of Dreams and Fears
  • Arabic

This heartfelt documentary from award-winning filmmaker Mai Masri explores the enduring friendship that evolves between two Palestinian girls—Mona, who was born and raised in the economically marginalized Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, and Manar, who lives in the Dheisha refugee camp under Israeli control. The two girls begin their friendship as penpals, sharing the similarities and differences of life in the two refugee camps. Mona and Manar are finally able to meet face-to-face at the Lebanese-Israeli border during Israel's withdrawal from South Lebanon. But when the second intifada suddenly erupts around them shortly thereafter, both girls must face heart-breaking changes in their lives.

Frontiers of Dreams and Fears
  • Arabic
Mai Masri
Mai Masri Producer, Director
Jean Khalil Chamoun
Jean Khalil Chamoun Associate Producer
Jimmy Michel
Jimmy Michel Director of Photography
Hussein Nassar
Hussein Nassar Director of Photography

Production Companies

Arab Film Distribution