From Hot water into fire

  • 8.5 10
  • 2021
  • 13min
From Hot water into fire
  • Original Title: From Hot water into fire

In post-genocide Rwanda, young Clementine's escape from home thrusts her into Kigali's dark underbelly, but amidst life's betrayals, she finds redemption and the strength to forge a new path.

From Hot water into fire

From Hot water into fire - Betrayal, Resilience, Redemption, Hope

This heartbreaking documentary unravels the tumultuous journey of a young woman, Clementine Uwimana. Orphaned and mistreated by a vindictive stepmother, she flees to Kigali's bustling streets. An apparent sanctuary in the form of a housemaid job soon morphs into a nightmare when her employer exploits her innocence. Cast out and vulnerable at 15, she's ensnared in the city's seedy underworld of sex work. But just when the city's shadows threaten to consume her, a transformative redemption beckons in the form of newfound faith. Yet, love's treachery leaves her grappling with single motherhood, poverty, and a relentless resolve never to return to her past's shadows.

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