From Devil’s Breath

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  • 2021
  • 40min
From Devil’s Breath
  • Original Title: From Devil’s Breath

In the wake of Portugal’s devastating wildfires, a band of survivors teams up with pioneering scientists to forge groundbreaking solutions against the global climate crisis.

From Devil’s Breath

AWARDS: Documentary Short Best Editing. SIMA/ Honorable Mention. Jackson Wild Awards/ Gold and Silver. Telly Awards

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Palm Springs International ShortFest/ Generation Restoration Film Festival/ Serpentine Back to Earth Film Award


From Devil’s Breath - Post-disaster, survivors and scientists reimagine Earth's future


This action-packed documentary weaves together two compelling narratives set against the backdrop of Portugal's lethal 2017 wildfires. The film traces the journey of a resilient community, bonded by tragedy, as they rise from the ashes to champion preventive measures and ensure such a disaster never recurs.


Parallel to their story runs an exhilarating thread of scientific innovation, where researchers on the verge of a climate breakthrough propose radical solutions that could safeguard the planet. Together, these intertwined tales of survival and ingenuity paint a hopeful picture of human perseverance and the relentless pursuit of environmental protection.


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